Schwetzinger Mozartfest 

& Castle Concerts

My children have set the whole of Schwetzingen in motion: and the Churf. Herrschaften had an indescribable pleasure, and everything was astonished.
Leopold Mozart am 19. Juli 1763 aus Schwetzingen an einen Freund in Salzburg

In the second half of the year, the "Schwetzinger Mozartfest" traditionally attracts music lovers from near and far to the Mozart town of Schwetzingen. This classical music festival definitely focuses on its namesake, who visited the town in 1763 and played for the Elector. In addition to a Mozart opera in the rococo theatre, chamber concerts by renowned ensembles fill the castle's circular halls with music. In addition to the festival, the castle concerts held throughout the year invite visitors to take further musical journeys in Mozart's footsteps.