City Tours

In the summer residence of the Electors of the Palatinate, you can get to know  the glamorous era of the Electoral Palatinate Court during a stroll through the town. Whether individually as a visitor or resident of the town or in a group of friends, family or colleagues, Schwetzingen offers a diverse and  varied programme of guided tours.


Meeting Place Schwetzingen - a town with flair 

Come with us on a walk through Schwetzingen's city centre. Stories and anecdotes from all centuries will bring you closer to the "Pearl of the Electoral Palatinate". Let yourself be enchanted by the flair of the city. 

Only bookable as a group tour

Classic garden tour

A walk through the palace garden of the summer residence is like a stroll through garden and cultural history. Water features, sculptures and temples invite you to discover new views and insights.

Only bookable as a group tour


Elector's Tour 

Schwetzingen Palace still dominates the cityscape today. The summer residence still determines the structure of the city centre. The tour stops at some of the buildings from the courtly period and illustrates life in the summer residence and the impact of the economic factor "Electoral Court" on the market town of Schwetzingen. 

City and garden tour 

First the city, then the garden... after the Upper Waterworks, the Envoys' House, the Court Church and the Palace Square, you will stroll through the unique Baroque garden of Elector Carl Theodor. Temples, a garden mosque, sculptures and water features complete the picture of the summer residence in Schwetzingen.

Only bookable as a group tour

Schwetzingen in the evening light 

On a beautiful evening, the city can be experienced differently than during the day. Enjoy Schwetzingen in a relaxed after-work atmosphere and celebrate the tour with a glass of sparkling wine.

Only bookable as a group tour

Walk in the Paradise of the Sound Artists 

The festival town of Schwetzingen can look back on a long musical tradition. The tour reveals a journey through time into the musical life of the music-loving Elector Carl Theodor. It touches on the places of work and residence of the outstanding musicians and provides explanations about the special features and the music-historical significance of court music in the Electorate of Palatinate.

Motivbank "Gartenphaeton"

Bench to bench 

A brisk walk through Schwetzingen's city centre brings the history of Schwetzingen to life. With the help of motif benches and the "Schwetzinger Zeitreise" (Schwetzingen Time Travel), information on epochal milestones and historical personalities is conveyed in a highlight-like manner.

Thomas Baumgärtel: "Ohne Spargel ist alles Banane"

Asparagus on the wall 

With Thomas Baumgärtel's (banana sprayer) "Ohne Spargel ist alles Banane" (Without asparagus everything is banana) and Hendrik Beikirch's "Lebenswerk" (Life's work), renowned street artists created murals on the tourist hotspot asparagus. The tour touches on other "murals" by Heinz Friedrich, Otto Mindhoff and the artist duo "Sourati".

Glücksschwein Schlossplatz

Art in Change(s) 

The art-historically guided tour stops at objects and sculptures in public spaces that convey a panorama of art history from the 18th - 21st centuries.

Commemoration in Change(s) 

The art-historically guided tour focuses on objects and sculptures that are dedicated to special historical events or persons of commemoration and remembrance. 

On the road with the asparagus woman 

On the tour through Schwetzingen's city centre, an asparagus woman tells all kinds of useful, curious and amusing stories about asparagus, the "royal vegetable". The tour takes place in historical dress.

Schwetzingen Life in the 18th Century 

Travel back to one of Schwetzingen's most glamorous eras. Come with us to the time when Elector Carl Theodor spent the summer here with his court. A member of the court will be happy to divulge all sorts of entertaining and spicy facts about court life. The guide wears a historical costume.

Only bookable as a group tour


Lantern tour 

With the lantern through dark Schwetzingen. Everything is asleep... or is it? Because a lantern-lit tour of the town with the night watchman or his better half is not quite so lonely. There are all kinds of interesting and curious things to tell about Schwetzingen from past centuries. And it's not only the high lords and ladies from court circles, but also the citizens and servants and illustrious guests who offer many clues for gossip.  

Only bookable as a group tour

Schwetzingen crime scene: Murder wanted 

Take part in an interactive guided tour of the city. Help the intrepid citizen Babette Reimann and her staff to put a stop to the nefarious murderer. Investigate for yourself, without leaving anything to Commissioner Chance. We offer various criminal cases for first-time and repeat offenders.

Only bookable as a group tour


Schorsch, where are you? 

A guided tour of the city for single, married or looking for a better half. The respectable burgher's wife Babette Reimann has had enough of her husband's barroom escapades. Schorsch must be somewhere. On the search for him, you learn all sorts of things about the Electoral Palatinate and its culinary history. The search ends with a "nightcap".

Only bookable as a group tour

On the trail of asparagus

In 2018, Schwetzingen celebrated "350 years of asparagus cultivation" as Germany's oldest continuously managed cultivation area. To mark this occasion and to promote sustainable knowledge about the asparagus metropolis, a 14-panel educational trail along the cultivation areas and asparagus farms provides interesting information about the royal vegetable.

General information

Guided tours in English and French available on request. All tours are barrier-free and take place in all weathers. The group size is 25 persons, larger groups will be divided. Parallel tours are possible. 

Meeting point is the forecourt of St. Pancratius Church, via Tourist Information, Dreikönigstraße 3 

Nearest car park (car & bus): Alter Messplatz, Navi: Wildemannstraße 5 parking spaces are available for buses, daily flat rate. 20 euros